Chef’s carte

Delightful , creative and audacious cuisine

  • Kids menu



    Delicious assortments for kids

    Meat or Fish, vegetables, Two Scoops of homemade icecream

  • Discovery menu



    7 dishes to discover the whole cooking of the Chef Damien Fagette

    Last service at 12.45  and  8.30 pm for this menu

    Served for all the Guests


    Starter, main course, dessert

    Pressed Foie Gras with Crayfish from Here, Tomatoes from Gaec de Franchemont infused with Verbena

    Organic Veal Fillet from Mr Maury Smoked with Vine Shoots, Chanterelles, Almonds and Tunisian Semolina Seeds, Small Vegetables of the Moment

    Cheese Trolley from Mr Blanchard or  L’Abricot Pavlova Style, Pistachio Chantilly, Bitter Almond Ice Cream  or  Hot Grand Marnier Soufflé (€5 supplement)








  • Menu GOURMET

    Starter, main course, cheese, dessert

    Freshness of Marinated Cooked Raw Vegetables, Langoustine Ice Cream, Crumbled Crab in Toasted Brioche

    Crispy Blue Lobster in Kadaif, Crumbled Claws and Fine Ratatouille

    Millefeuille of Organic Beef from the Maury Family, Foie Gras, Roll of Potatoes, Foamy Béarnaise

    Cheese Cart From Fromagerie Blanchard

    Le Hot Grand Marnier Soufflé or Estivum Truffle Trompe L’oeil, Grand Cru Chocolate, Walnut Ice Cream, Hazelnut Streusel or Puffed Sugar Bubble with Red Fruits, Cottage Cheese Mousse, Verbena, Blackcurrant Sorbet